It smells like Christmas!


Christmas is right around the corner, and here already smells of warm ginger tea and cinnamon sticks. Inspired by the atmosphere – aromatic and fairytale-like, we decided to make a list of all the aromas associated with the holidays. Because we want to dive in the holiday spirit and feel the fairy elements surrounding us; because in spite of the cold water, the soul feels the warmth and goodness all around us; because we are ready for the memorable experiences, good deeds, and inspiring moments (check Christmas gift for women).

It is proven that aromatherapy is one of the easiest and most successful ways to go back to a special moment from your past. So, remember this list and you will be able to jump back to your most favorite and magical moments from these holidays – this way they will keep you warm throughout the whole year.


“Cinnamon” is not only a title to a great book by a famous Bulgarian author, but also our first thought when we hear Christmas. It is used as a perfume fragrance, an addition to mind-numbingly delicious desserts or aromatic hot tea during the cold months. It can not only have a beneficial effect on our body and soul but also can “lock-in” one of our most magnificent moments. The cinnamon aroma is like using a time travel machine – it always manages to bring you back to the desired magical moment!


The popular drink actually comes from molasses, a byproduct of sugar production. It is fermented, distilled and then ages in oak barrels – hence the drink’s sugary taste with wooden notes and a deep aroma. But what’s truly surprising is how the same fragrance can remind us of so many different things. Rum cocktails (especially combined with an aromatic cup of tea) takes us back to moments warming our body and soul, with a white fairytale as a background. And used as a food supplement (and especially in desserts) reminds us of the intense insanely delicious taste of the Christmas sweets that are mandatory ingredient to a proper holiday table. Add holiday spirit, fireplace and loved people and watch the magic happenings.


Warm, sweet, spicy and sensual – this scent will enhance your holiday spirit for seconds. It’s also considered as one of the strongest aphrodisiacs, this aroma is the perfect addition to a cozy, warm night spent at home with your loved one.


We wouldn’t be even done with the peeling of this delicious fruit, and our holiday spirit would be reborn. If there’s a scent that’s an absolute must for Christmas, it is this citrus one. Insanely delicious, pleasantly aromatic, they are a great addition to your holiday table or fragrances collection. They are so preferred during this time of the year is not only because they are easy to find and the market is teeming with them. They have an extremely strong aroma, that refreshes us and helps us feel the comfort and the magic. They are also really good for the body, because of their high levels of Vitamin C and fibres.


This scent is a must for every one of these lists. It is not only considered as a great aphrodisiac but also as a relaxer for our body and mind. It is of extreme importance for our mental health and a perfect addition to a cozy, warm night in. Besides its frequent use in perfumery, it’s also preferred in baking – prepare a homemade cake, add a few vanilla drops and just enjoy the magical night that awaits you.


This list wouldn’t be full without the mention of the aromatic cocoa. After all, the cocoa drink is mandatory for the cold months of winter. This aromatic spice caresses our senses and wraps us up in a tight and fragrant cocoon. It’s preferred for the colder months, but for Christmas is more than necessary.

Resin and pine

The aromatic resin helps to bring us closer and easily connect with nature. Just imagine you being surrounded by extremely high, majestic trees and walking gently around them on a trail made of pine needles, fallen to the ground just to show you the way.


Warm ginger tea and aromatic Christmas ginger treat. It is more than enough, right? We are sure that you are already in a dreamlike haze and see the recipe for the oh-so-tasty sweets. You can even taste them. Okay, okay, we are going to stop now with all the words and leave you and your fairytale be.

Magical Holidays from Venera Cosmetics.

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