Weird and strange ingredients used in the perfumes

In a world where almost every known combination of scents has been already found, mixed together and turned into a perfume, it’s impossibly hard to be original. Fruits and flowers are a surprise to no one. Our senses are hungry and thirsty for something new and exciting, something to raise goosebumps all the way down our spine. Perfumes make no exception. Summer’s on its way and our imagination is already heading to the beach – endless summer nights, the explosion of colors and fragrances. You know what not to miss this summer – see here. Surprises and bold combinations, however, are not always the right answer. Here’s a shortlist of the world’s craziest perfume ingredients. Nobody knows how they got in the bottle. Or why.



Mine are fresh from the microwave, with a lot of butter, and usually, come with a romantic tragedy or a Texas Chainsaw Massacre-themed movie ( depending on my Friday night mood). Well, I might have missed the beauty of this particular fragrance, but for others, it definitely is no stranger –  Miss Dior Cherie by Dior and New Jersey United Scent of America are just some of the perfumes, in which traces of it are tangible. It comes in a rich combination of wild strawberry and tangerine. Reminds me of a chocolate I recently discovered – dark, with salt almonds, dipped in caramel. Exquisite, right? I heard that the boys are on the look for this particular type of girls – bold  with an attitude. This is the perfect perfume that makes a loud statement, so, girls, go grab a bottle. Or a bowl of popcorns.


desert queenCactus

If anyone actually knows what the cactus smells like, please raise your hand. I guess it’s obvious that the ones that happen to be in the know are few and really brave. To everyone else, who want to find the answer to the question without cactus scratches on their faces, I have an easy answer – The  Desert Queen perfume. It owes its original name and scent to the extract of the  Queen of the night. This flower  blossoms only one night of the year in the desert. Not only its origin and beauty are exotic, its aroma is definitely something you shouldn’t miss.




Blue cheese Stilton

Relax, it’s not in every perfume. Actually it’s hardly in any. In 2006 Stalton launched a perfume for cheese lovers. I don’t know about you, but I prefer cheese in my salad, not on my clothes. Fashion strikes again!



You smell good, what are you wearing?” Imagine the answer sounds  “ Your DNA”. No, these lines are not taken from some horror movie. ECO Health and Beauty  are famous for being the world’s first eco-friendly cologne and perfume without alcohol or other harmful chemicals

They also have a special offer where you can send in your DNA to be added in a special perfume and can use it as your unique fragrances. Talk about being one of a kind. This literally can’t be copied. The company is now offering on sale perfumes with the DNA of famous people. Ok, is it just me or this takes love and obsession to a whole new level. What happened to putting your boyfriend’s T-shirt on so you can smell like him the whole day. Now it’s just “No, baby, you keep your T-shirt, but I’ll need a sample of your DNA”. Creepy much?


New book

You’d all better confess right now – we just adore the scent of new books and paper. Books are full of  portable magic and unlimited imagination. Hermione Granger’s Amortentia had this smell and it was predominant. Most of the time, if you ask me, books are the right path to a woman’s heart. Thanks to  Paper Passion this perfume exists not only in Harry Potter’s world of magic. I beat it’s a huge success among muggles and all kinds of magical creatures as well.


Chocolate cupcakes

Do men like their women smelling like freshly prepared meals? Yes, it’s even desirable and much preferred to the heavy perfumes. Beyoncé’s Pulse is on the right path with  the sweet touch of chocolate. It used to be a purely girly smell but now associations are made with our skills in the kitchen, ladies. This is another way to impress the boys and how predictable – again with food.  So the next free Friday night we have to be armed with this  perfume and the success is guaranteed.



Well… because, why not? Maybe the effect it seeks is one of masculinity and superheroes,  the wild wild west and charming men ready to fight a battle of life and death for their damsel in distress. That makes sense but  Love by MCMC Fragrances, containg this extract, is an unisex perfume. This world indeed is mad.


If you even for a second think you’ve seen it all, do not jump to conclusions. Lady Gaga is in a group of her own. For no other reason but this – no one else tries to compete with her when it comes to unusual and truly horrific ideas no mortal ever dared to think of. Around her eagerly awaited perfume Fame there were a lot of speculations, not only 2 or 3. Each idea sounded more bizarre than the previous one – droplets of blood were among the most unusual ingredients of her fragrance. So if you have not experimented till now, it is time to start. A piece of advice : read the label carefully because the above mentioned are not the only ones to look out for. You can never be sure what’s in the bottle.


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