Perfume note apple – a much-admired note used in the fragrances of some of the most popular perfume brands worldwide

Apples are among the most cultivated fruits around the world with apple-growing on almost any continent (except for Antarctica). Their sweet mouthwatering taste and smell are impossible to resist! The apple tree has a long history – it originates in Central Asia and has more than 7500 varieties leading to many different types of apples, each carrying its specific characteristics in smell, taste, and nutritional value.


Interesting facts about apples:

  • Apple trees belong to the rose family.
  • In many cultures, apples play an important role in terms of traditions, mythology, and traditions.
  • China produces about half the apple produce worldwide.
  • The apple genome has more genes (about 57,000) than the human genome (about 30,000).
  • The proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” dates back to 19th century and it originally said, “Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.”

The forbidden fruit

A lot of people don’t know that apple is referred to as “the forbidden fruit” only because the word “apple” in Latin (mālum) is very similar to the word “evil” in Latin (mălum). Since the tree of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden is known as “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, a play on words mixed evil with apple and, voila, apple became the forbidden fruit!

Apple health benefits

Apples are very rich in essential fatty acids and as such are believed to give energy to the cells. They are often used to stimulate the memory and help with regulating intestinal functions. Apples are also often “prescribed” against hypertension (high blood pressure). Some people fight constipation with apples while others swear by their efficiency in toning sore and bleeding gums. There are still a lot of researches being conducted in an attempt to link eating apples with a reduced risk of getting different types of cancer.

In some cultures, baked apples are used for alleviating sore throat pain. Apple vinegar is also believed to have a lot of health benefits – it is mainly used for balancing the natural skin pH but it supposedly also helps the immune system in fighting different infections.

Apple seeds essential oil benefits

As you probably know, there is no way to produce apple essential oil as specialists have not yet discovered a process through which this could become possible. Apple seeds, however, can be processed and apple seeds essential oil can be extracted (fortunately to its numerous fans).

Here’s how apple seeds essential oil can benefit your health and beauty:

  • It encourages collagen synthesis – helping your cells to retain their strength and youth. With the help of apple seeds essential oil your skin can bring back its elasticity and softness;
  • It has anti-aging properties – if applied directly on the skin, it decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and makes the skin look firmer and younger;
  • It has natural UV filtration properties – you can apply it before going sunbathing and be sure your skin is naturally protected thanks to its UV-rich filters;
  • It fights stretch marks – due to its amazing elasticity-enhancing properties, apple seeds essential oil can immensely help in the fight against the dreadful stretch marks most women get after pregnancy or drastic weight gain/loss;
  • It helps getting skin rid of acne – thanks to the antioxidants in it, apple seeds oil is widely used for different skin disorder treatments, including acne. It thoroughly cleanses the skin from inside out and has a calming effect on acne-prone skin.

Types of apple perfume notes

In perfumery, there are many types of apple fragrances used for the creation of different perfume notes carrying this name:

  • Red apple (a sweet, fresh, and fruity perfume note with starchy odor profile)
  • Green apple (a salient fresh scent, usually used in masculine summer men’s fragrances)
  • Apple tree (a non-existent fantasy perfume note reminiscent of the combination of the apple and the apple-scented tree it grows on plus some soil fragrance nuances)
  • Apple blossom (light and delicate, this sweet floral scent is usually used in feminine floral perfumes)

Apple perfume note is mainly used as a top note due to the freshness of its aroma. It is, however, present in a few fragrances as a heart note, skillfully blended with other perfume notes that enhance and prolong the life of the transient apple perfume note. Used both in male and in female fragrances, the apple perfume note is a much-admired note used in the fragrances of some of the most popular fragrance brands worldwide.

Apple note fragrances on

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