Strawberry – capturing sweet scent with fairy and romantic spirit


It’s summer again and we’re once more enchanted by the fruits of the tiny forest (wild) strawberry. Its delicate and sweet scent, its miniature beautiful red “dress”, and its divine taste will leave even the pickiest person want more of it.

Typically used for women’s fragrances, the strawberry is one of the most popular and classical perfume notes. It captures the senses with its sweet aroma, reminds of summer cocktails, memories of childhood for granny’s strawberry jam, ice-cream, provokes the thought of romantic dates with champagne and the beloved one. Perfect scent for you to brighten your mood!

Did you know that the strawberry’s family is very close to the rose’s family? That explains its sublime flowery nuances! Except for that, however, the strawberry’s rich aroma boasts fruity-green, spicy, and even caramel nuances.

Relatively easy to grow, strawberries don’t need much attention and perhaps that’s the reason they are found in nature as well as easily cultivated. Their red color and their heart-shaped body are often associated with love, romance, and joy. They are so much related to our inner emotions that there are even strawberry poems!

Apart from nurturing the soul, strawberries are also important for the health of our body. With a variety of vitamins, proteins and minerals, they are a preferred food of those who are mindful of their diet. What’s more, strawberries have a very strong impact on our nervous system, calming the mind and fighting with stress and even insomnia.

It is an interesting fact that in perfumery the strawberry note is not extracted from the plant itself, but is created in a laboratory by combining different molecules. The reason for this is that it’s (almost) impossible to extract the note from the strawberry plant through the widely spread extraction methods used in the perfume industry.

Just like with all fruity fragrances, we recommend the sweet and romantic strawberry note as a summer perfume choice. It will be a great way of enhancing the romantic side of every woman, but those who will truly enjoy it are the women who like poetry, fairy tales, and who believe in love at first sight!

You will find a wide diversity of strawberry note perfumes in our online shop. Here are some of them:

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Do you have a favorite perfume with a strawberry note in it? Share it with us in the comments below!

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