Perfume hobby – is it affordable for everyone

perfume-woman-199x300There are people who want to learn more about fragrances but are afraid of the fact that this hobby may be too expensive for them. How can they try all fragrances they hear about without going broke? We all know that when we are on a tight budget, buying something more expensive requires huge planning.

The truth is that the joy of this hobby doesn’t require having many bottles on your dresser. Smelling scents is what makes this hobby so thrilling. And this doesn’t even cost a penny!

I will share some tricks with you that helped me to stick to my budget and still develop a taste for perfumes

  1. Just try
    You don’t have to buy anything in order to enjoy scents. If you want a sample of perfume, you can easily enter the store and try the tester. Some stores will even give you free samples.
    When you smell something for the first time, you focus on the feeling that it evokes, not on whether you like it or not.
  2. Don’t rush into buying
    This is probably the most important thing you need to learn. Spare some time to find what your taste is because you might not like a spontaneous purchase tomorrow.
    If you hear someone praising a certain perfume but it is too expensive for you, don’t hesitate and ask if there is a cheaper perfume that is similar to it. Often expensive perfumes have a budget scent that resembles it in some way.
  3. Smell the classics
    It is not necessary to have a classic perfume or even like it. But being in touch with a classic can help you learn a lot about perfumes with impressive quality. Even if the local store is limited in its choice of perfumes, it will surely offer Estee Lauder, Lancome, Chanel, and Dior.
  4. Smell the scents around you
    If you want to learn more about fragrances, smell the scents around you – herbs, teas, coffee, chocolate, olive oil, mango. Open your cabinet with spices and find vanilla or cinnamon. Learning about the character of spices will help you a lot in understanding perfumes because most of them use at least 1 or 2 spices in their compositions.
  5. Buy samples instead of full bottles
    If you have found a fragrance that has attracted your attention, buy a sample. Although full bottles are more profitable, at least you can buy several less expensive perfumes for the same price.
  6. Swap perfumes
    Find people with the same interests in blogs and forums, and swap perfumes. This is a great opportunity to try new scents and meet people who also love perfumes.
  7. Try budget perfumes
    You will be surprised how many less expensive fragrances have the same good quality. Also, you will probably find such that remind you of much more expensive perfumes. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to find a scent that suits you and will impress people around you. You just need a little research and it doesn’t cost much time with so many blogs, forums and websites with reviews of any perfume you can think of.
    We will still recommend you a few less expensive brands which we have found to be very popular and liked.





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