What are the most popular French perfumes?


Most popular french parfumes

French perfumes, which take us to the famous French Riviera or the Cannes Film Festival, are one of the most remarkable fragrances in the history of perfumery. That is why connoisseurs of exquisite and fresh fragrances adore the perfumes created in this romantic country.

In today’s article, we will present to you the most popular French perfumes that are worth giving a chance. They have left a lot of history and have been worn by some of the most famous people to this day.


This brand is the basis of many perfume houses because it is among the oldest, with over 175 years of history. Their perfumes are known for their very rare and luxurious ingredients. In addition, the creators of the brand are innovators because they were the first to include synthetic ingredients in their fragrance creations.

The perfume you are probably more familiar with is Jicky, because it is the first modern perfume made by Guerlain. Next to it are some of the best perfumes in history – Mitsouko, Shalimar, Vetiver. These fragrances are liked by many, but this is not the reason why they remain so popular to this day. Various techniques, oils and essences were used to create them, which gave a completely new look to the perfume industry.

In the 1990s, the family company was no longer a family business because it was bought by the well-known international holding LVMH. By creating over 300 perfumes, Guerlain manages to satisfy even the most demanding consumers.


Mrs Chanel is one of the most elegant ladies the world has ever known and creatively runs her company until she died in 1971.

Chanel is a fashion house that has nothing to do with fragrances and the perfume world, but Jacques Polge changed that in 1921. He is the creator of the brand’s perfumes and he says – “Smell and you will see”. Polge leaves behind one of the most amazing fragrances ever made – the legendary Chanel N5.

With this fragrance, Chanel is making an absolute revolution. It continues to be a bestseller maintained by the brand with great ads. Today you can still find it in the collection of your favourite celebrities. One of the old fragrances – Chanel Allure is just as unique, but it was made by Ernest Bucks.

Thierry Mugler

The French fashion designer was among the most influential celebrities in the world of fashion, beauty and innovation. His style is famous for its characteristic futuristic shapes and many fantasy elements and this is what grabs his fans.

An incredible innovator in the creation of his perfumes, he introduces an entirely new category in the field – “gourmand” (gourmet). The name itself suggests something special about it, something that is not for everyone. The name is reminiscent of something that is consumed, such as chocolate, caviar, honey, vanilla. This wave conquered the markets and soon he became a real innovator, a favorite of many fans of special fragrances.

The first unique fragrance was Angel, launched in 1992. With incredible success, Mugler also created the Alien perfume, which appeared on the market in 2005. With almost every one of his more than 100 perfumes, he managed to fundamentally unravel the perfume world to show himself.


Lancome is an iconic French brand founded in the 1930s. The brand is named after an old French castle and you can imagine what exquisite aromas it offers.

The brand has its own symbol, which is the rose, inspired by the roses that surrounded the castle. Therefore, you can feel the color notes in almost every one of their fragrances.

One of the most beautiful fragrances of the brand is La Vie Est Belle. As the name suggests, this fragrance can make you feel happy in an instant. With its essences of pear, rose, jasmine and peony, it will take you through the most sensual places in the South of France.


Chloé is a French fashion house founded by designer Gabby Agion. This lady was born in Egypt and it is such exotic notes that can be recognized in her perfumes.

The first perfume of the brand bears her name and is an extremely classic feminine fragrance. There is also a modern version, which was launched in 2008. So far, there are 28 perfumes in Chloé’s collection, the most recent being from 2017.

The perfume worth trying is Chloe Rose Tangerine. It is a light and fresh aroma in which you will find notes of mandarin, rose, blackcurrant and amber. You will feel extremely feminine and attractive.

Paco Rabanne

The designer behind the brand is the well-known Spanish artist Paco Rabanne. He grew up in Paris and that is why his greatest achievements take place in France. After some time in the fashion industry, he decided it was time for a new challenge and set out to find the perfect fragrances.

The first perfume with unique success was Calandre, which was launched in 1969. With dozens of perfumes behind it, it serves some of the most famous people of the time and this has brought even greater success in sales to the mass consumer. The aromas are extremely interesting, fresh, elegant, but with notes that will surprise you and touch your senses.

You are lucky because you can enjoy a great selection of great French perfumes. You will find a wide variety of perfumes of world-famous French brands in the online store of Venera Cosmetics. Did you choose your new captivating fragrance?

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