The history of Yves Saint Laurents brand: the French luxury among the fragrances


The history of Yves Saint Laurents brand: the French luxury among the fragrances

The story of the French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent has been told long and wide throughout the fashion world. He is the person that changed the high fashion industry forever. The designer is one of the most valued in fashion, and his clothes continue to be preferred for special occasions and events in Hollywood.

In fact, the name of the designer is Yves Mathieu Saint Laurent. Yves’s nationality is Algerian and he was born in the city of Oran, not Paris, as most people assume. As a child, he secretly painted and laid the foundations of his future glory without even suspecting it. He often hid in his imaginary world, where he made various drawings and different paper dolls so he could try his designs on them.

With his tranquility, moderation and boyish hair, Yves caused instant sympathy from the people who met him for the first time. At the age of 16, he won 3rd place for fashion design at the “Secretariat de la Laine” contest and went to Paris with his mother to receive his prize. There he met the French director of Vogue Magazine, Michel de Brunhoff.

Yves returns to Oran to finish his high school education but continues to keep in touch with Michael. He regularly sends him fashion and theatrical sketches. After taking his final exams and achieving 20 points out of 20 in a philosophical essay, he goes to Paris and stays there. Again, he receives a distinction in the fashion contest “Secrétariat de la Laine”, but this time he won first place! Then Michael de Brunhoff decided to introduce him to Christian Dior, who appointed him as his assistant. That’s how young Yves stays under his wing and is studying from him for 2 years.

In 1957 he founded his own fashion house … And this is how he started impressing us for 50 years!!!

The first male perfume that the fashion icon introduces in New York in 1971. The same year he created a perfume for women. After putting it on the market, ladies who have already fell in love with his style and brand rediscovered themselves through the scent of Rive Gauche! The perfume is created for the independent, stylish and strong women around the world.

In the ’70s, all the perfumes are presented in a glass bottle, but Yves Laurent puts Rive Gauche in a metal bottle!

In 1977-the, the designer decided to focus on other female qualities, mostly female tenderness and the power of temptation. So he reveals the Opium perfume on the market for every woman who wants to touch her inner temptress. Of course, there is a boom among consumers. All perfumes disappear from the stands and even some women who fail to get their Opium perfume steal from the testers so they can taste the new, sweet tint of temptation.

In 1983th, the fashion designer decided to create a fragrance that devotes itself to the beautiful and his very beloved city – Paris. Introducing the Yvresse perfume makes women who love Paris to experience the floral and specifically fresh shade of an irresistible scent. This fragrance also enjoys a wide female audience among the lovers of both Yves perfumes and the beautiful Paris!

In 1998th, after a long break, he returns with one of the most popular perfumes to this day! Love Again makes women and fans of the Yves Saint Laurent brand and his designer clothes to fall in love with the floral and fruity aroma, just as he imagined it! Yves creates love … again!

The latest collection of Black Opium is probably the most popular in Bulgaria and also worldwide. The Yves Saint Laurent brand reinforces its reputation as an innovative, provocative and desirable fan of the fine scent. To celebrate the creator’s genius, the brand rebrands the Black Opium perfume in 2014. There are four other fragrances that make up a whole range of fragrances. The result is – Black Opium won the “Fragrance Foundation Awards” for the best female fragrance in England.

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