The most topical men’s and women’s perfumes for in the winter of 2014/2015

Winter finally comes and everyone trembles in anticipation of beautiful Christmas holidays spent in a pleasant family atmosphere. And what do you associate the holidays with? But of course with presents! One of the most personal and most emotional gifts is perfume. It is the means that will strengthen the magic of the Christmas feeling and keep it even after the holidays. And we will help you to make them even warmer and more beautiful, as you meet with winter trends in perfumes and give you some suggestions for choosing a suitable gift for your loved one.
Winter 2014 fragrances for women

Fragrances for her

  1. Hugo Boss Ma Vie
    This fragrance is inspired by the independent spirit of a woman in love with life. Perfume is for that lady who is ready to share with you the most wonderful holiday moments. The fresh and intense composition consists of three parts: “Contemporary”, “femininity” and “trust” – three wonderful qualities of the true woman.
  2. Paco Rabanne Lady Million
    Brilliant, fascinating, fatal, unusual – this is the woman for whom Lady Million by Paco Rabanne is created. She is used to making the rules, but even the best was never enough. The perfume is inspired by elegance, rich life, and gold – the world to which the ideal woman belongs!
  3. Versace Yellow Diamond
    It is a clear, transparent, and airy floral fragrance that is audacious and saturated but at the same time – feminine and sophisticated. The perfume is like a diamond, which perfection and beauty stream bright and illuminates everything around itself – in the same way as only a woman with her charm, tenderness, and femininity can succeed!
  4. Boucheron Jaipur Bracelet
    Captivating, sensual, and fresh, Jaipur Bracelet spreads scent on your skin. Its saturated notes are extremely durable, making it ideal for the cold December days. But do not be surprised if everyone’s attention gets attracted to you because Boucheron Jaipur Bracelet is designed to attract the eye.
  5. Jimmy Choo Flash London Cub
    This floral fragrance is a must-have accessory for every provocative and tenacious magnetic urban lady. A lady that is very strict about every little detail in her image and elegance is in her essence. She is accustomed to being in the spotlight, but the intense and energetic Flash London Cub is her hidden trump card, reinforcing her great looks.

Winter 2014 fragrances for men

Fragrances for him

  1. Mont Blanc Legend
    Mont Blanc Legend is a perfume, which has its own character. Saturated, sensual, and sophisticated – it is a compulsory accessory for the man who respects himself and takes care of his image.
  2. Valentino Uomo
    This men’s fragrance is classic, but also slightly mysterious. The notes of smoky wood give sensuality and longing for romance with the beloved woman. The fragrance is a unique expression of style and sophistication.
  3. Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense EDT
    This perfume is often cited as one of the sexiest fragrances. Gentlemen Only Intense was created for the man who is a gentleman, no matter the circumstances. It symbolizes the enduring class and style and hypnotizes with its incredible fragrance.
  4. Armani Eau de Nuit
    Gloomy, mysterious but extremely manly, Eau de Nuit by Armani is able to awaken the predator in you. This is not just a flavor and an experience, which seeks to highlight the unwavering masculinity of the modern gentlemen. The combination of spicy notes with clean, airy fragrance symbolizes the storm of emotions, hidden by the apparent male rigor, elegance, and style.
  5. Paco Rabanne Black XS Potion
    Black XS Potion is designed for a man with a tender heart. While he is dynamic, audacious, and very confident in his image lies an exceptional passion. The perfume builds upon the composition of Black XS, issued in 2007, relying on dark and sensual shades transmitted by the scent of cashmere, lavender and rum.

If these suggestions seem little to you, do not hesitate to visit our store! You can also take advantage of our special Christmas promotions (link). Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift or just decided to spoil yourself, our team will help you in choosing! You will be able to look at our collection of winter scents that will enrich the cocktail Christmas scents. Expecting you filled with festive mood and emotions!

And do you have a favourite perfume this winter? You can share it with us in the comments below.

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