Caviar – classy and elegant, a true symbol of luxury and high status

Caviar has been a symbol of luxury and high status ever since it was strictly reserved for royal families back in the 16th and 17th century. Later on it took its place in the plates of the nobility and nowadays it is part of the diet of the rich and famous. However, there were times in its history when it was considered a common food. Nowadays, any event that claims to be classy and elegant inevitably serves its guests this precious delicacy.

Perfumes with caviar

It is an interesting fact that the sturgeon, one of the species used for the production of caviar, has a rather notable place in the fish hierarchy. Back in 1324 the British Royal Family had such a strong affinity with it, that it was called a “Royal Fish”. What’s more, it was decided that any sturgeon found in the UK immediately became property of the monarch. The only producer of sturgeon caviar today even has a letter from the queen stating that the royal family gracefully grants the rights of the sturgeons used for the caviar to the producer!

Regarded as a food of love, caviar has long been considered a powerful aphrodisiac. This is also supported by some scientific evidence as caviar has zinc and zinc acts as a booster of your libido. Its seductive power is enhanced by the wealth and luxury surrounding this exquisite delight.

You might think that caviar’s place is on your plate or on a toast, but caviar extraction is actually very successfully used in cosmetics and perfumery. Caviar extract is considered a great collagen production booster and, as such, it is highly rated in premium cosmetics. It is also rich in vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6 as well as amino acids – all these valuable ingredients help to slow down the aging process. It is considered a real treasure for the skin, firming it, providing optimum levels of hydration, protecting it against external factors, and improving the overall skin’s appearance.

In perfumery, caviar is a novelty note – it was Thierry Mugler that developed the revolutionary molecular distillation method through which the extraction of the caviar note became possible. The caviar note helps the composition gain balance and it also provokes a feeling of luxury, elegance, and sophistication – characteristics every perfume strives to achieve.

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