The History of Cartier brand


How can we describe the “luxury”? With one word – Cartier. You don’t need to look for it. We will tell you the fascinating story of the French company who is creating some of the most lush and glamorous jewelry. This lush jewelry is wearing most popular and influential people through the ages. They conquered the roots of royal peoples and millions of women all over the world. Cartier not only perpetuate luxury jewelry, covered with perfect diamonds, a quantity of pure gold and or a precise mechanism. The brand creates exquisite luxury perfumes and they are sold in every minute around the world.

The History of Cartier’s family

The years is 1847 and the place is Paris. Louis-François Cartier is the main figure in the Cartier’s family. With revolutionary spirit and the different view of art, that lies in his heart he changes the Renaissance style and imposes his own, recognizable to this day. Emeralds, diamonds, rubies, gold and more gold … Cartier combines for the first time the magic of precious stones and the simplicity of clothes. Irresistible and preferred by all the women in the palaces and the women of every ruler in the 17th and 18th centuries, Cartier receives honors in the upper bourgeois society.


Louis-François Cartier. photo:

The Era of the Empire Cartier

Louis Francois Cartier handed over his royal handicraft to his son Alfred Cartier before his death. Together with his father’s innovatory spirit, Alfred changed the style of jewellery again. This is how the Egyptian-style trends, the porcelain medallions, and gold are again emerging. For the first time, he launched jewelry of a pure platinum its newly opened shop “Ro d la lae”.The development of the company is very fast. In 1902, Cartier found a shop in London and several years after in New York. Cartier’s first orders are not by anyone anonymous but by Spanish King Alfonso XII, as well as the English ruler Edward. Among the clients of the brand is King Nicholas II, who wants even to own part of the brand. It is known that the king of Siam has bought colossal quantities of massive ornaments made of pure gold of Cartier’s jewelry for his lovers.In 1907, together with Edmund Jagger, Cartier created a collection of designer watches. Jagger puts the exclusive mechanisms in the hand accessories. Today, the company has stores in London, Sankt Peterburg, Paris and more.

Pierre Cartier

Pierre Cartier, his wife, and daughter in 1926. photo:

From the Renaissance till today

It has been nearly two centuries since Cartier’s creation up to date. Over the years, admirers and owners of the incredible jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes and accessories created by the company, have been inspired and pleased with the exquisiteness and quality of every product with the Cartier emblem. The French fashion house opens boutiques around the world, destroying boundaries and draws new lines – those with luxurious fragrances. In the 70s and 80s of the 19th century, the company began offering its first perfumes “Must de Cartier”.  These are perfumes for both women and men. Among the creators are perfumers: Matilde Lauren, Jean-Claude Elena, Christine Nigel, Alberto Morilaz, Jean-Jacques Dine, Jacques Cavalier, and others.

Cartier perfumes feature more than 90 fragrances by 2017. Each one of them has a spectacular advertising campaign. Each perfume has an amazing fragrance, delicacy, and uniqueness – the main powerful engine behind the creation of every French Cartier product. Today, the most valuable works of Cartier can be seen at auctions. Louis-François adore them so much that he bought some of his jewelry from his clients to own them again. They become part of his personal collection, later stored in a Geneva bank. The tradition of Louis François to collecting those amazing jewelry continues today by his family. You can see the unique adornments only at exhibitions in museums, with incredible security measures. Every new jewel enters the historical archives of Paris, London, and New York. Besides jewelry, the Cartier logo today decorates watches, souvenirs, and cosmetics.

Cartier today offers to all customers not only expensive watches but also amazing jewelry, sunglasses, perfumes, pens and designer notebooks and much more. The modern empire has long been owned by the Cartier family. The first deals on the acquisition of the company began In the 70s, led by Joseph Kanawi. In 1979, companies of Cartier from Paris, New York, and London coalesce into Cartier Mond. In the 1980s, the company became part of the Swiss concern “Richemond”, also known as the world’s second-largest luxury goods, with particular strengths in jewelry, luxury watches, and writing instruments. Today we can make a quick tour of Cartier’s financial profit in the past 2004-2005, at the end of March, the fashion company reported a net profit of 881 million euros. In other words, a 33% increase in revenue over the previous year.

It is true! Diamonds are forever, diamonds are the woman’s best friend … Diamonds and Cartie.

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