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Top 10 most beautiful women perfume bottles


They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. And we couldn’t agree more – it’s extremely hard to present a whole world’s on just a few centimeters. When it comes to perfumes, though, the case’s not the same! A perfume’s bottle reveals a lot about “the story” of the perfume and its fragrance. Sure, perfumes are really complex and can’t be stripped off of all their secrets with a bottle design. But still, perfume bottles manage to prepare us for the beautiful journey that ensues.

For example, floral perfumes usually feature bottles with flowers printed on them or the shape of the bottle follows the silhouette of the flower the scent is most famous for. Modern scents usually have bottles with very clean lines and simplistic shapes, helping you mentally enter the fragrant world of the contemporary scent inside. Summer fragrances often use the golden color of the sun and the turquoise color of the seawater to ease you into a carefree summer mood. The list goes on and on!

You certainly have already come upon perfumes with eye-catching designs that allure you with their appearance at least as much as they do with their fragrant essence. After all, perfumes are a form of art and deserve to be “wore” proudly on our skin. With perfume bottles is the same – they deserve to be proudly displayed on your night shelf or dressing table. Here’s our selection of the top 10 of the most beautiful women perfume bottles (hint: you can find them all in our online perfume shop!):

  1. Viktor & Rolf Bonbon

Launched in 2014, Viktor & Rolf Bonbon got our attention not only because of its captivating spring scent but also because of its extraordinary perfume bottle. Designed in the shape of a bow, this bottle reveals a unique beauty that would impress even the most demanding perfume bottle collectors. Some perfume maniacs insist that the bottle resembles a wrapped candy (perhaps due to the fact that the name of the perfume implies so) while others believe it looks more like a butterfly. In any case, the delicate shape and the deep purple shade at the center gradually dissolving into an almost transparent baby pink make this bottle a must for your beauty shelf.

  1. Marc Jacobs Decadence

One of my personal favorites, Marc Jacobs Decadence, which was launched in 2015, has a perfume bottle to die for. A true work of art, the bottle resembles a luxurious woman’s purse in unearthly emerald color with luxurious python leather details, a golden chain, and a chic black tassel. The gorgeous design of the bottle is simply glamorous. The feel of opulence it provokes definitely corresponds with the fragrance inside – enchanting and sophisticated. Once you buy the fragrance, you will never throw away the bottle it came in – it’s a masterpiece on its own.

  1. Thierry Mugler Angel

Launched back in 1992, this perfume is so unique that you either love it or hate it. Regardless of how you feel about its scent, however, the bottle won’t seize to impress you. The winner of FiFi Award Hall Of Fame 2007 is housed in an elegant bright blue bottle in the shape of a shooting star. The exceptional bottle design of Thierry Mugler Angel took two years to become a reality! Initially described as “impossible to manufacture”, the sky-blue object looks like a star and a hand-polished diamond that have blended together in a cosmic kiss. Today, this masterpiece bottle is a reality thanks to an innovative rotating mould that was specially created for it.

  1. Mark Jacobs Honey

The bottle of Mark Jacobs Honey is just too cute to be true. Yet it is! Launched in 2013, this floral fruity fragrance found the perfect bottle to “dress” in. The fun yellow bottle is covered in white polka dots and the emblematic daisies on it feature gold petals with black stripes and the floret is a white pearl. What never ceases to amaze me is how, when you look at the bottle from a different angle, the daisy miraculously turns into a busy golden bee that seems to have just perched on top of the bottle as if attracted by the orange blossoms and honey notes in the perfume. If you want a reason to smile at your reflection in the mirror, be sure to put this cheerful perfume bottle right next to it!

  1. Dolce&Gabbana Dolce Floral Drops

Launched in 2015, Dolce&Gabbana Dolce Floral Drops entered the market with a splash of spring floral freshness and a fabulous bottle in delicate nuances that won the hearts of millions of women from all over the world. Made of thick glass, the perfume bottle follows a unique design with curved lines which adds to its femininity. The cap is a real work of art – a delicately sculptured rose with milky white petals and a creamy rosy pith in the center. The delicate fresh fragrance comes in an equally delicate bottle made of frosted glass that has the misty green color of a dew-kissed wildflower.

  1. Lancome La Nuit Tresor

Launched in 2015, Lancome La Nuit Tresor reveals “the dark side of rose”, which can clearly be seen judging by the deep rosy to the violet color of its perfume bottle. Shaped like a diamond, this thing of beauty never stands upright so you can enjoy it from different angles after each perfume application. The clean diamond shape creates a feeling of elegance and sophistication while the satin bow with a black rose as its centerpiece reveals its promise of a sensual fragrance for women with individuality. The designer behind the perfume bottle is the famous Charles Boussiquet.

  1. Paco Rabanne Lady Million

When it comes to the stunning perfume bottle design, Paco Rabanne Lady Million’s diamond-shaped bottle is the world’s favorite. A great addition to the luxurious golden bar perfume design of the men’s fragrance, 1 Million, Lady Million gets under the spotlight with an impressive bottle design in a shiny golden metallic color. The designer of the bottle, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance took the inspiration for Lady Million’s perfume bottle by the famous Regent diamond. Boasting flawless brilliance and the perfect cut, it is considered the finest diamond in the world today. The original Regent diamond is literally priceless and can be seen only at the Department of Decorative Arts in the Louvre (Paris, France). When you purchase Lady Million, however, you can enjoy its diamond beauty every day thanks to its fabulous bottle design.

  1. Carolina Herrera CH Eau De Parfum Sublime

There is something about this perfume bottle that makes you immediately grab it off the shelf (or hit the “Buy” button) and take it home with you where you can spend the whole time in the world marveling at its beauty. So chick and feminine, this perfume bottle deserves its central place on your vanity. One of the prettiest (and most attractive) perfume bottles ever designed, the bottle of Carolina Herrera CH Eau De Parfum Sublime is elegant and stylish. The perfume container is covered in a purple-violet leather finished fabric, leaving the color of the perfume hidden inside. The fabulous matching bow, the metallic golden cap, and the distinctive CH golden initials are impressive details that add to the outstanding aesthetic of this perfume bottle.

  1. Van Cleef & Arpels Feerie

If there is only one word that would best describe the perfume bottle of Van Cleef & Arpels Feerie, it would be “masterpiece”. Magical, alluring, whimsical and dreamy, this perfume bottle is everything else but ordinary. The bottle is faceted (like a precious stone) and represents the deep blue color of the night’s sky. The iconic fairy (that the bottle is so famous for) rests in a graceful pose atop an unusual moonflower growing right out of the bottle’s cap. One of the most luxurious perfume bottles, this one is inspired by the famous Midsummer Night’s Dream jewelry collection by Van Cleef & Arpels. Delicate, feminine, and fanciful, it is designed to be a real showstopper on your vanity.

  1. Guerlain Insolence

The perfume brand Guerlain has a long history of creating masterpiece perfume bottles for their fragrances. Here’s what Jean-Paul Guerlain writes about the relation between perfumes and their bottles in the introduction of the iconic reference book, Guerlain Bottles Since 1828, “At a time when most perfumers did not think of bottles as anything but a simple container, my ancestors quickly understood the subtle relationship that linked the bottle and its precious contents”. The Insolence bottle is one of the most iconic perfume bottles by Guerlain. A true delight to the senses, this pretty bottle has a simple, classy, and elegant design. It was created by the famous French sculptor Serge Mansau and resembles a spinning spiral in movement made of stacked half spheres. Its innovative design, beautiful shape, and its deep sensuous purplish color make it a great addition to your perfume bottles’ collection.

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