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The Unforgettable Fragrance оf Summer 2014

Here we are, in the middle of summer. It seems like this time of the year is made exclusively for fun and relaxation. Your days are filled with sun, sea and summer parties with tons of people and amazing cocktails. But besides being a moment for breathtaking experiences, summer can be the perfect time for you to change your wardrobe or the way you look. And, most definitely, it’s a great time for you to change your perfume. No, we don’t mean you should buy the same one you’ve been wearing for the past few months, but to find a lighter fragrance, which is appropriate for the summer. After all, fragrance intensifies in heat, which makes heavy, cold season scents a questionable choice for summertime.

The main theme for women’s fragrances this summer is an exciting mixture of vibrant fruits, warm nuts, caramel and fresh flowers. As a matter of fact, this season’s scents include notes which are typical for farmer markets and flower stalls early in the morning. The aromas of juicy plums, sweet honey and delicate roses are nothing but trendy this summer, alongside everything that doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin and gives you a light summer mood.

Men’s fragrances, on the other hand, take a more drastic shift this season, emphasizing on the refreshing notes of citrus, mint and exotic herbs and spices, while cultivating their own depth, confidence and sex appeal. Generally, this summer’s fragrances for gentlemen can be divided in three groups:

  1. Refreshing perfumes, which include aquatic notes and scents of citrus and green herbs. They are a perfect choice for the sunny and energy-filled summer days.
  2. Cocktail fragrances (a.k.a. Cocktail Hour) that feature notes of men’s favorite drinks, such as gin, bourbon and whiskey. They’re pleasantly combined with the aromas of Black and Green tea. Those fragrances are masculine and powerful.
  3. Exotic fragrances this year have a new take on the classic Oriental aromas. Their base notes include exotic spices and woods, which makes them an excellent choice for the long and sultry summer nights.

Anyway, summer is a season when you meet new people every single day. If you really want to make a great first impression, you should not only pay attention to your clothes and style, but you also need to carefully choose the perfume you’re going to wear. A beautiful dress or an elegant shirt can attract some glances on the street, but perfume shows your true personality. It’s going to make everyone turn heads around as you walk by. Here are a few suggestions for a summer fragrance that is going to add to your irresistible image.


Fragrances for her:


Fragrances for him:

We hope our suggestions are going to turn your summer in a beautiful time to remember. As Jean-Paul Guerlain once said, “perfume is the most intense form of memory”. Take your time and pick that one fragrance that suits you the best! It will help you create some beautiful memories for yourself… or someone else!

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