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Pineapple – the fresh and sweet fruity note that leaves you dreaming of distant shores and tropical bliss

Fresh and juicy, pineapples are the first fruit that comes to your mind when you think of a tropical food (or anything tropical for that matter). Embracing the beautiful sun rays and gathering irresistible exotic sweetness, pineapples are a fruit that reminds us of passionate summer nights and romantic exotic escapes.

Pineapples, also known as “Ananas comosus”, originate from South America (somewhere between Brazil and Paraguay). Columbus was the one who found pineapples on the island of Guadeloupe and he brought some of them to Spain. From there, the tasty pineapple made its way to the Philippines, Hawaii, Zimbabwe, and Guam (thanks to the Spanish), to Brazil and India (thanks to the Portuguese) and to the rest of Europe (thanks to the Dutch).

Nowadays, pineapples are sold all over the world with canned pineapples being less expensive than the fresh fruit. Costa Rica is responsible for the biggest production of pineapples, followed by the Philippines, Brazil, Thailand, and India.

The word pineapple (ananas) comes from the word “nanas” which means “excellent fruit”. We can’t agree more with this comparison! The English name pineapple was given to the “excellent fruit” by European explorers, who found a resemblance between pineapples and pine cones and, since the fruit was edible (and tasty), they put pine and apple together, and, voila, we have a pineapple!

Interesting facts about pineapples:

Health and beauty benefits of pineapples:

In the world of perfumery, the pineapple note is often used as a top note thanks to its freshness and sweetness. Some perfumes also feature it as a heart note when combined with other fruity and floral notes. A subtype of the pineapple note is the pineapple blossom note which is very rarely used and also finds its place in the top perfume notes. Pineapple perfume note goes very well with the following notes: bamboo, lily of the valley, passionflower, jasmine, raspberry, musk, cedar, cashmere, pink pepper, iris, lemon, patchouli, vetiver, bergamot, sandalwood, vanilla, lime, amber, and tonka beans among others.

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