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Perfumes for you prom – 2015

Graduation proms, one of the most important moments in the lives of Bulgarian high-school students, are just about to begin. Soon, out cities will be filled with euphoria, music, emotions and thousands of students will officially mark the end of their long school journey. They have been preparing for their prom night for quite some time now, and it looks a lot more important than the last few exams they have to take at the end of the month.

But preparations are far from complete with the choice of a dress, jewelry, shoes or a suit. After all, another important accessory for every special occasion is the perfume. The main trends in choice this year are: the fragrances should be in tune with the overall prom atmosphere – rich, vibrant, exciting and compelling.

We will present to you a few feminine and masculine perfumes that will make your prom unforgettable!

Fragrances for ladies:

Fragrances for gentlemen:

These perfumes will definitely help you draw all eyes to yourselves! Do not hesitate, but act quickly and choose the most important accessory for your prom!

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