Orchid – a symbol of beauty and perfection

Orchids are very popular in the flower world – they fascinate with their beautiful flowers, their gracious look and their divine smell. They are a symbol of beauty and perfection. Few people know that orchids have, in fact, been known ever since the dinosaur era (there’s evidence of orchids’ pollens found on fossils of bees in amber). There are a lot of species of orchids and, even though they all look so fragile, they are actually very tough plants.

Orchids grow on rocks, on the ground, but mainly on tree trunks. With over 20 000 species, the orchid family is among the biggest families of flowering plants. What’s interesting is that they don’t harm the trees they live on in any way – they just use their surface to grow. Did you know that the most famous orchid in the food industry is the vanilla orchid? This is the one that vanilla is derived from!

orchid perfumes

When it comes to the smell of orchids, it turns out that we can distinguish a lot of scent characteristics varying from pleasant floral scents to unpleasant scents of rotten meat and feces. Their smell actually depends on the type of insects that pollinate each species and their preferences.

Orchid essential oil is very popular in aromatherapy for its ability to nourish and rehydrate the skin and diminish the signs of aging. Its antioxidant and protective properties help reduce the appearance of fine lines and make the skin look younger and radiant. Orchids are used in medicine as well – herbal extracts of orchids help with many medical conditions such as hypertension, migraine, allergies, headache, and cramps.

The orchid perfume note can be described as flowery, powdery, and vanilla-like. As for capturing its fragrance, it is impossible to naturally extract it as it would take too many flowers. The secret behind this scent is creating the idea of an orchid – an illusionary scent that reminds us of the beautiful orchid flower. This can be achieved by combining different ingredients (both natural and synthetic) that create the aroma of the orchid flower.

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