How to choose the right perfume


Did you know that smell is the most powerful memory trigger? There is a perfectly logical explanation for that – the olfactory nerve is located very close to the area of the brain that is connected to the emotional memory. In other words – whenever you smell the perfume your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend used to wear when you were dating a complete stranger at the mall, old memories will inevitably come to your mind.

We all know people who have been using the same fragrance for years and it feels as if their fragrance has become a part of them. Choosing the right perfume, your signature fragrance, is not that easy. In this article we will help you make the best decision with some useful tips:

1. Indentify the type of scent you connect with the most:

  • Floral – these are the most popular perfumes. They smell of either one particular flower, or a bouquet of several different flowers. Floral perfumes are feminine and very romantic.
  • Oriental – they smell of musk and often reveal hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves. Oriental perfumes are sensual, warm, and sexy.
  • Woody/Chypre – named after the perfume Coty Chypre created in 1917, their fragrance is a harmony of three key ingredients – bergamot, oak moss, and labdanum. Chypre perfumes show luxury, sophistication, and status.
  • Green – with their green notes of grass and leaves, these perfumes introduce freshness and leave us with the impression of freshly picked flowers.
  • Fougere (meaning “fern” in French) – Fougere fragrances include notes of lavender, geranium, moss and wood. They are primarily used for men’s perfumes.
  • Oceanic – as their name implies, they are influenced by the sea. Their scent is clean, with hints of spice and citrus.
  • Wood – their scents are woody and musky – with a touch of pine, cedar, and sandalwood.

2.  Shop wisely – when looking for a new scent, be sure to avoid using any scented shower gels, lotions, or perfumes before you go shopping. They will only distract you when making the right decision.

3. Consider the season – scents tend to last longer in the warmer months, mainly because your skin is more hydrated during that time. So, it is always wiser to opt for lighter perfumes for the summer months and for heavier scents for the cold winter months.

4. Test perfumes before buying – perfumes smell different on different skins, so it is always a wise step to spray some perfume on your wrist and see how the fragrance discovers itself throughout the day.

5. Ask for a second (or even a third) opinion – when you go out of the store with the new fragrance on your wrist, go ahead and ask your friends and family if they like it. Is it too strong? Does it mirror your personality? Does it smell like “you”?

6. Keep perfumes from different scent families – that’s the secret to being irresistible in a different way depending on the season, a certain occasion, or even your mood!

7. Don’t expect to find the perfect perfume in one day – did you know that after the fourth trial your sense of smell gets confused and starts mixing scents? You certainly don’t want that when you are trying to find “your own” perfume. A wise tip is to always use the coffee beans on the counter between trials. This will help you get your nose “cleaned” from the last fragrance and get ready for the next one. Take your time and enjoy it!

Whatever perfume you decide to be your signature scent, always choose carefully, because, as Christian Dior says, “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”

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