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Finding “your” fragrance in GIFs


Finding “your” fragrance is not easy. The one that makes you feel good, desirable, attractive and strong. The one that emphasizes all the right aspects of your nature. In this article, we will present to you all the stages you go through until you find “your” perfume.

1. You buy your new fragrance.

You’ve finally found it! After extensive research, careful consideration, berating of the shopping assistants in the store, you finally buy your new fragrance. Your scent, the one you associate your whole being with (and sometimes the person you want to be).

2. Of course, you can’t wait till you get home. You open the bottle when you are just out of the store to immerse yourself in the scent and YOU DROP IT.

3. We are kidding! You do not drop it, relax. You spray yourself and you are feeling FABULOUS.

4. You are in love!

You love your new perfume so much that you even spray some on your bedsheets. It makes you feel so good, desirable and powerful – you know that’s your scent.

5. You put your perfume on everything you get your eyes (nose) on.

People start avoiding you but you don’t care. That is what you want to smell (and smell like) so they can mind their own business.

6. You realize that you’ve reached half of the bottle and start panicking.

When?! Maybe applying it on everything, all the time has something to do with it…Hm. You better start saving money for a new one… Nope. Continue to apply it all over yourself.

7. Weeeell… you are kinda growing a little tired of it.

It’s pretty normal… After all, you’ve been spraying perfume on every single thing for weeks now. Hm…

8. Hesitation ensues.

You go by a random perfumery and a promoter of the store gives you a sample, and it smells nice. The new *insert brand name* ad is so cool and the perfume looks promising. Hmm, should you buy a new one? After all, there are so many scents that affect different parts of your life, character, temper and nature.

9. Guilt comes next.

Okay, this doesn’t smell that good. And seriously, why bother looking for a new one when you are perfectly happy with what you have now? (Humans are weird.) This is your fragrance – that emphasizes all the right aspects of your nature, and more importantly makes you feel good, confident and desirable.

10. People start associating you with this particular scent.

Yeah, and you are over the moon about it. This scent for you is a synonym for confidence, elegance, class and style. Of course, associating you with that would make you happy.

11. Uh-oh. Some chick at the office/class/your favorite place has the same perfume.

You knew this could happen, but still your first instinct was to yell and start a fight 😀 Well, you don’t give in to that 😀 but you make a mental note to hate her a little. Cuz that’s the normal thing to do, of course.

12. Someone close to you tells you that they too love this scent so much, that they consider buying the perfume.

Who gave you permission to even think that?!?! Okay, you are being a bit unreasonable, but that is YOUR perfume… well, you do not mean your as in your, obviously, but still, you feel possessive. (Relax, that’s pretty normal. (Not right, of course, but normal.) All people feel possessive of stuff that isn’t actually theirs, in this is included even arts – music, literature and fine art.)

13. You are now in a healthy relationship.

After you have gone past all the crazy phases of the relationship, you are now ready to enter the healthy phase. You can use other fragrances that emphasize on different parts of you, you can use a different perfume for your business self, for your romantic dates, for special events. Someone else can use “your” perfume, too. All this won’t mean that “you don’t love it anymore”.

14. You ran out of it and you immediately go and buy yourself a new one.

As if you need more reasons to go shopping!


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