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The most extravagant perfume bottles


There is so much truth in author C. Joybel C.’s statement: “You are never fully dressed without a perfume”!

Amongst our vivid collection of purses, scarfs, watches, hats and more, perfume is definitely the most important and remembered accessory. It adds the dose of individuality that we are all so much in need of.

And while wearing a perfume, we leave an invisible trail behind us, gentry sharing our story with everyone that we meet on our way, the perfume bottles stays at home to please our own eyes.

Put spontaneously or in a very well calculated manner, up to the last millimetre on our vanity desk, nightstand or bathroom shelf, the perfume bottle can become an inseparable part of our home decor. It may deliver that taste of luxury, modern feeling, antiquity and even extravagance to our personal space.

We can only imagine how many hours of creative and mental work go in the invention of a new aroma, but the work of those who craft the design of the perfume bottle should not be underestimated as well. The perfume bottle speaks to us (sometimes even screams) and gradually takes us to the magic that is hidden inside it. There is always a certain connection between the aesthetics of the perfume bottle and its contents. Usually, the pink bottles hold sweeter fragrances and the darker ones are for the more oriental and woody notes.

Inspired by the craftsmanship and attention to detail of those designers, today we share with you 15 of the most extravagant and creative perfume bottles. They definitely deserve a special place on our vanity desk or bathroom shelf, or as it is in our case – on our Christmas wish list!

Estee Lauder “Golden Pineapple Solid Perfume”

Part of Estee Lauder’s Limited Collection in 2015, this perfume is a real jewel, covered in Swarowski crystals. It is definitely one of the finest solid perfumes of the brand.

La Prairie “Midnight Rain”

The perfume bottle of Midnight Rain makes us want to take the night by storm. The luminous bottle in the form of a raindrop will surely stand out from the rest of your perfumes in your collection.

Marc Jacobs “Decadence”

It seems as if Marc Jacobs has thought about all of us, including those who cannot decide which one is the more memorizable accessory – the bag or the perfume. We would love to carry this piece of art, mastered to the last detail, in our purse.

Betsey Johnson “Too Too Pretty”

The fresh, girly design of the perfume bottle, which looks like a ballerina in a tutu dress, makes a playful reference to its name. Too Too Pretty will stand proudly beside your lipstick collection.

Akon “Konvict”

Аkon launched his first two perfumes Konvict in 2010. The two 50 ml bottles are connected with handcuffs and a chain. A daring package of a fresh fragrance with notes of bergamot and lemon and a tint of sandalwood and cedar.

Jean Paul Gaultier “Fragile”

The snow globe with golden snow of the Fragile fragrance could easily become a beautiful addition to your Christmas decoration at home. The composition of Fragile embraces our senses with citrusy and floral notes.

John Varvatos “Artisan”

Dressed in wicker, Artisan takes us to a villa with a roof made of palm tree leaves in Costa Rica. And the citrusy scent intensifies the temporary feeling of pure bliss that we don’t want to leave.

Ed Hardy “Skulls & Roses” for Him

In his typical loud and extravagant style, which he often demonstrates in his clothing designs, Ed Hardy launched his new perfume in the shape of a black skull back in 2012.

Viktor & Rolf  “Spice Bomb”

The design of the bottle in the shape of a grenade is mastered so well that it caused quite a frenzy when found in a traveller’s bag in the airport in Edinburgh.

Lubin “Idole de Lubin” 

For those of you who love African elements, this exquisite perfume bottle, designed by Serge Lutens would fit perfectly on your bookshelf, just next to the book Out Of Africa.

Katy Perry “Purr”

Purr by Katy Perry is a perfect gift for those of you who are avid lovers of cats, in all their glory and egocentrism. A beautiful jewel for your vanity desk – although we are not sure about how it would look in the middle of the night when lights are out and we have just finished yet another series of horror movies on Netflix!

Junaid Alam Syed “Hadeel” for Her

With a shape closely resembling the architecture of the famous Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Hadeel offers us an oriental cocktail of floral and fruity notes. A perfect choice for the hot Arabic nights in Dubai (pretending to be booking a trip to Dubai at this very moment, don’t judge).

Thierry Mugler “Alien”

With its extraordinary shape, which resembles an alien or a cosmic ship, the Alien perfume is for extraordinary women with an extraordinary taste. Alien captivates us with top notes of jasmine, which gradually give way to woody tones and has a finishing touch of amber.

Marc Jacobs “Lola”

The daring color combo in the Lola perfume seems to scream at us: “Only for bold and brave girls”. The perfume composition is as daring as the package itself, boldly blending citrusy and fruity notes with musk and tonka beans.

Vera Wang “Be Jeweled”

This true jewel by Vera Wang, with colorful stones, as if wearing a necklace challenges us to be endlessly charming with a touch of glamour and sex appeal. When it comes to the fragrance itself, it takes our breath away with notes of pomegranate and red currant and then embraces our senses with notes of peony and passion fruit.

This is our selection of the most extravagant perfume bottles.

Do you have a favorite perfume bottle that you think is creative/daring/extravagant enough to be a part of this list?

If so, please share in the comments below, we would love to know!

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