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The top trending perfumes of Fall 2014

The fall is already here. And a change in seasons is usually connected to picking a different scent. If you feel your favorite light fragrance, bought in the summer, wears out quickly in the cold autumn days, then you should choose a different, more intense one that is appropriate for the current season.

This fall’s trends in perfumery are four. Firstly, the more intense fragrant compositions are back! The new stronger variants of already successful scents are darker, spicier and consist enhanced patchouli and amber aromas.

Then, the rose appears for a third consecutive year, along with its variety of interpretations. Usually, this vibrant and velvety scent combines with other floral aromas, bringing a sense of freshness and comfort.

Another key trend is the scents of spirits like gin, whiskey and rum, which add a sophisticated edge. And while being more of a warm-season ingredient, the notes of sweet and plump berries are an essential part of this season’s fragrances that brings depth and sensuality to the compositions.

Now, we are going to introduce 10 perfumes that could serve as a perfect choice for you this season.

Fragrances for her

Calvin Klein Reveal

Launched exclusively for this fall, Calvin Klein’s new feminine fragrance has a nostalgic feel too late summer sunsets, full of romance and temptation. This luxurious and elegant scent draws inspiration from the moment when a woman realizes her feelings for the man of her dreams, followed by a rush of burning sensation.

Boss Nuit Pour Femme Intense

This floral scent, launched in 2014, invites you to step out of the door, and head to a fun and romantic night. Modern and elegant, the fragrance will give you an essential finishing touch before you go to your Saturday night party.

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rose

212 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera is made for the glamourous, sophisticated, and charming lady, who loves attending fashion parties and having a great time. The perfume is fresh, extremely feminine, and sensual.

Karl Lagerfeld for Her

This fresh and romantic fragrance can be worn in both warm and cold seasons. The perfume will excite you with its floral notes and give you charm and elegance.

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline L’eau de Parfum 2013

Intense, exotic and still discreet enough – this scent brings a feel for sexiness and elegance. The floral and woody notes, mixed up with musky aromas, form a compelling fragrance that is more than appropriate for the cold season.

Fragrances for him

Montblanc Legend Intense

This distinctive masculine perfume is perfectly suitable for the cold season. Its intensified woody, spicy and fruity aromas make this luxurious fragrance an essential accessory for those men, who know how to make a strong impression.

Karl Lagerfeld for Him

Stylish, elegant, and daring – this is Karl Lagerfeld for Him. Its compelling composition mixes floral-fruity notes with sandalwood and amber aromas, creating an attractive and sensual perfume for every man.

Jimmy Choo Man

Jimmy Choo Man is meant for the sophisticated and confident man with class, sensuality, and an innate sense of style. This is the fragrance for the modern gentleman – free, masculine, and daring, but sophisticated and stylish at the same time.

Burberry Brit Rhythm

The sexy and provocative Burberry Brit Rhythm is for those of you, who like the thrill, the adrenaline, and being the center of attention. This perfume is created for the energetic young man, who loves the fun and the adventure.

Gucci Guilty Black

This fragrance is inspired by the image of the ambitious, energetic, and slightly mysterious man. He does not feel any regret during his journey towards a goal, because confidence is in his blood. And the compelling aromas of patchouli and cedar get even stronger on the cold days.

Regardless of the season, however, the perfume remains a symbol of personal style. A good fragrance will make you stand out from the others. This is why you shouldn’t make any compromise while choosing this essential accessory for your image because your scent of choice can become a personal trademark.

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