Agarwood – the deep and luxury scent of the precious ingredient of the East

The world is full of plants that carry incredible and mystic scents and that wake our senses and make us want more of their aroma. One of these precious plants is agarwood. Even though it is less known, agarwood is widely used in the world of perfumery. Once you feel its incredible scent, you will easily understand why its called “the liquid gold“.

The agarwood is a rare and very precious tree that grows in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Eastern India, China, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and Borneo island are some of the countries where the tree, also known as oud, finds the perfect climate for its growth. The oil used in some of the most luxurious perfumes is extracted from the core of the tree. That is where dark, thick resin gathers. It is formed when the tree defends itself from a rare form of fungus that attacks its bark. This interesting process is found extremely rare and that is why the end product is so expensive.

Many eastern cultures and people have been using the agarwood and its numerous applications for thousands of years. It is honored not just for its divine smell but also for its healing properties. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the agarwood is used for healing digestive and kidney problems, for increasing energy and also as a pain killer. According to Ayurveda, aromatherapy with the magical tree can unlock your chakras, calm your mind, charge you with positive energy, and remove negative thoughts.

In the past, only wealthy people could take advantage of agarwood because of its high price. Today it is still expensive but many more people can enjoy it thanks to the wonderful perfumes that contain it. A lot of the perfumes with rich, oriental aroma have agarwood in them. And once you have felt its aroma, it is more than likely to look for such perfumes. That is why we are going to help you by presenting you with some of the most beloved perfumes with oud extract.

The first perfume on our list is by the Dutch brand Nasomatto. It was founded in became known with its untypical scents. The brand’s style can be expressed in originality, provocation, and richness, which you can hardly resist. The Black Afgano perfume is a unisex scent, with deep, exotic, and refined notes. In its aroma, you can sense smokiness, woody notes, and of course, agarwood. Even though it is strong, this perfume can easily become your signature everyday scent.

Trussardi is an Italian fashion house with its own collections of men’s, women’s clothing, accessories, and perfumes. The brand has tens of men’s and women’s perfumes, among which the perfect choice for the fans of the exotic agarwood – Amber Oud for men. As the name suggests, this perfume combines the scents of amber and oud. In the luxurious combination of notes, we can sense lemon, incense, pink pepper, and patchouli. This is a great choice for all men who like warm, oriental scents.

His first perfume Jacques Bogart launched in 1975 and since then he has not stopped making new scents. In 2014 he launched the amazing One Man Show Oud Edition. This perfume for men is an incredible combination of seducing, aromatic spices, fresh bergamot, leather, and oud. The bottle in which it is sold represents the same warmth and mystique as the scent inside it.

Montale is a brand inspired by the mystic Eastern world. The creator of the brand Pierre Montale fell in love with the oriental scents and started making perfumes that express the warm exotic of the East. Among them is Aoud Cuir d’Arabie. A beautiful perfume bottle contains exquisite hints of leather, birch, tobacco, and Oud. Most of the brand’s models are unisex, but this offer is especially for men and skillfully expresses his masculinity.

The well-known German fashion house Hugo Boss is inspired by the amazing agarwood as well. Boss Bottled Oud for men was launched in 2015 and is the aromatic symbol of high-quality, luxury, and mystique. It contains rich notes of saffron, spices like cinnamon and clove, fresh citrus, and sensual sandalwood and agarwood.

Etienne Aigner is a German fashion brand, founded in 1965. Among the wide range of products it offers, we can also pick perfumes. The unisex scent Aigner No1 Oud, launched in 2014 is the last oud perfume on our list but certainly not in the last place. This scent contains rich spices like cinnamon and clove, floral notes of rose and jasmine, leather, and agarwood.

The agarwood holds in its aroma a long history, mystique, sensuality, and adoration. The scent of this plant that nature gave us is magical and memorable. So experiment, search, and try the scent with which thousands of people fell in love.

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